Spring Series Announced

What a fantastic winter term we’ve had! The improv troupe has performed twice and we performed our Term 3 classical Indian-inspired temple fusion choreography at the OMEDA spring event! Our new beginners and combos creative lab classes on Thursdays have also been very popular – so thanks for your support!

Because it’s the end of the year and I’d love to see our continuing beginners have the opportunity to participate in our end of term celebration, we will have a beginners choreography happening in place of our Tuesdays Foundations class this term. This class will weave together some of the key movements learnt throughout the year suitable for a beginners/entry level choreography. Think slow and strings! This will be performed at our end of term hafla/gathering – date TBC.

So people can continue with a double class, Tribal Style will move to the 7.15pm timeslot and intermediate choreography will move to 8.15pm timeslot. This series our intermediate choreography will be a folkloric fusion drum solo. We will put together our foundations and tribal style technique in a fast-paced and challenging piece. Think locks, pops and shimmies galore! This will be performed at our end of term hafla/gathering – date TBC.

Also, on request, conditioning will return Mondays in Mill Park. All other classes will remain the same.

Please follow this link to find class times, descriptions and fees.

Please note, if you pay for the term before the end of this term/September 29 you will receive a 5% discount.