Summer School 2020

EB-Showcase - 15-12-19 (105)Hone your technique, increase your endurance, build and solidify your repertoire, and condition your body. We will sweat, flow, laugh and create on this mini summer 3 week intensive. Register your interest NOW!

Monday 6 January: 7-8.30pm – Drill Me, Thrill Me 

Join in this epic flow drill class covering the key isolations of bellydance in a condensed, fast-paced invigorating format. Rather than focusing on breakdown technique, this class will focus on repetition, strength training, fitness and endurance. The aim is to really embed the moves for new or beginning dancers or re-establish the moves for intermediate or advanced dancers after the festive break, through repetition into the muscle memory and neuron pathways.

Tuesday 7 January: 8-9.30pm – Strong Yoga Flow with Entwined

This class will be designed with bellydancers in mind, and reinvigorate and realign the body, mind and soul for dance after the festive break. We will focus on strengthening, balance and creating flexibility in key areas of the body involved in bellydance, such as the legs, shoulders and torso.

Wednesday 8 January: 7.30-8.30pm – Let’s Flow, Let’s Glide

Tribal fusion dancers love their feminine flow and serpentine slink, and this class will focus on some of the key tribal fusion combinations which flow from one part of the body to the other. This class focuses on drills and repetition to embed the movements in the body. We’ll have you connecting with your inner mermaid, sea goddess or leafy sea dragon.

Monday 13 January:  7-8.30pm – Welcome to Shimmy Town

We breakdown the key shimmies used in bellydance, tribal and fusion bellydance, and drill the night away. This class focuses on repetition, endurance and fitness, and building your repertoire of shimmies. We go well beyond the classic Egyptian leg shimmy and classic tribal ghawazi, and ride the wave of those endorphins to shimmy town!

Tuesday 14 January: 8-9.30pm – Lock & Flow

Building on Let’s Flow, Let’s Glide or available as a stand alone offering, this workshop combines the lock and serpentine of bellydance into classic urban industrial contemporary movement for the modern dancer. We divinely blend the masculine and the feminine in your body y’all.

Wednesday 15 January: 7.30-8.30pm – Sass with Dat?

This class will focus on building performance technique and facial expression. We aim to help you find your inner sass through character and choreographic concepts, tools and combinations. Why just pout or smile, let’s explore the spectrum of our other emotions and archetypes classic to our dance form to bring out your inner performer.

Monday 20 January: 7-8.30pm – Follow da Dubmaster / Puppetmaster

This class will be an organic improvisational tribal fusion dance workshop. Be the leader or follow the pack, this workshop will focus on letting go of control, using your tools and repetoire, building camaradie and tribe, playing with formations and working in a group. Leave your ego at the door and embrace the divine chaos.

Tuesday 21 January: 8-9.30pm – Gentle Yoga Flow with Entwined

This class will be designed with busy dancers and performers in mind, and will nourish and balance the body, mind and soul for the upcoming period. We will focus on lengthening, deepening and opening the key body areas which get tight in bellydance, such as legs, shoulders and hip flexors.

Term 1 commences Monday 3 February – details coming soon! Register your interest NOW!