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Entwined Bellydance & Yoga In Person & Online Training & Wellbeing Programs

Step into your expressive body, improve health and fitness, embody your divine creatress and inner bellydance goddess….


~ Shed Your Skin & Unlock the Door to your Divine Dancer…

MONDAYS – Online – 7.30-9pm AEDT (Apr 17-June 19)

TUESDAYS – la Verite Dance Projects, 61 Fallon St, Brunswick – 7-8.30pm (Apr 11 – Jun 20 – no class June 12/public holiday)

TUESDAYS – la Verite Dance Projects, 61 Fallon St, Brunswick – 8.30-9.30pm (TROUPE/REHEARSAL by request/invite)

THURSDAYS – DV Dance, The Concord, Bundoora – 7.15-8.45pm (Apr 20 – June 22 – no class Apr 27 due to personal commitment)

Continue or launch your creative, dance or well-being journey for 2023 with School of Entwined, celebrating 10years in 2023!

We continue with our all-inclusive, holistic Belly Fit Fusion class combining yoga, pilates and bellydance, to improve strength, fitness, flexibility and creative expression for your divine dancer soul.

This class will strengthen the body through dance conditioning and pilates, increase flexibility and body awareness with yoga, provide a tool for creative expression, enhance well-being through the ancient, feminine and earthy art of bellydance and improve neural pathways/brain development, mind-body connection and coordination.

Autumn/Fall is a time of letting go in preparation for the Cultivating / Decompression Phase of Winter, so we will be shaking it off with shimmies and big juicy circular movements to create space and unwind, letting go of what doesn’t serve us and making way for the new.

Please contact us ASAP to book or for more info.

In this Series, we will:
– Teach you and drill some of the key movements of bellydance, both used in traditional ME, modern Egyptian cabaret and fusion styles.
– Share a key/core on the spot isolation, travelling step and classic combination with you where you choose your level of complexity.
– Strengthen your core, legs, arms and ankles for smooth, gliding, graceful and controlled dance movement and technique.
– Teach you methods for building up movement so you can develop your own individual and unique flair.
– Stretch and strengthen your body!
– Improve fitness, flexibility and tone!
– Add community, creativity and passion to your life!
– Bring out the inner bellydance goddess within!

Course Fees (9/10weeks) – $270/$300

Please contact us for payment methods/details!

RSVP VIA Facebook Entwined Bellydance Summer Series Term 2 2023 or email us!

Our hybrid movement classes build coordination, mind/body awareness, movement meditation and overall well-being through creativity/dance/movement with dance, yoga, pilates and movement medicine. Become part of the movement to build your complex, unique and beautiful sacred geometry of your body and world inside and out!

~Miss a Class don’t worry, you can catch up by recording (same content both nights).


What is Entwined Hybrid Dance & Movement?
Laura has been studying and developing the art of bellydance, yoga and pilates for 15-20years. She has developed a unique hybrid style which blends bellydance, yoga, pilates, contemporary and classical dance styles from around the world and MENATH (Middle Eastern, North African, Turkish & Hellenic cultures) such as flamenco, raqs sharqi/dance of the east/bellydance, ballet, urban/dancehall/hip-hop, nodding yoga, fusion dance, contemporary and more.

Your Teacher?
Laura holds various certifications in yoga, bellydance and pilates and has completed over 1000+hours of trainings. She is a passionate and dedicated dancer, teacher and choreographer developing numerous bellydancers and fusion dance artists over the past 9years and producing 4sellout full-length theatrical dance shows. She has been performing since 2006, presenting workshops since 2010, and teaching weekly classes in Melbourne since 2013.


This one stop shop combines yoga, pilates and bellydance to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, fitness, body awareness and coordination, provide an outlet for creative expression, and enhance well-being. This class is a mixed level class suitable for those who enjoy movement and challenge themselves to grow and evolve. Each series we focus on a different set of bellydance movements.

This class hones in on the key/essential movements and art of bellydance to provide the basics for beginning dancers or refinement and polishing of technique for continuing dancers. Regular, repetitive and consistent practice of the foundations/fundamentals for all levels of dancers provides the skills, strength and technique to master this specialist artform. Our foundations level delivers world class, international and innovative world standard of bellydance which Entwined has been refining and developing for more than 9years through her teachings.

This class combines yoga, pilates and yogalates exercises to create strength and flexibility in the body for dance/bellydance. This one stop shop will hone in on key areas of the body needed to articulate the graceful, sensual and challenging art of bellydance. Areas we strengthen tone and strengthen include torso/belly, shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, hips, glutes etc. This class provides a platform for strength and safely mastering your dance practice.

This class builds on the foundations/fundamentals/essentials of bellydance, adding travelling steps, more complex arm pathways, layering and combinations. We utilise the 7 Entwined Movement keystones such as dynamics, flow and more. We develop work, as well as dancers, to participate in or be part of Entwined Bellydance Troupe repertoire, community shows and professional dance performances.

Our weekly classes aims to guide students gently through the classic poses of yoga with levels/kramas and yoga spirituality to deepen your practice, understanding and transformation. This class has a hatha/vinyasa style with basic pranayama/breathwork and short ending meditations. This series focuses on detox, cleanse, balance and calm, as preparation for stoking the digestive fire for winter.

This class is based on beginner/mat pilates 1 content. with toning, strength and flexibility for core, shoulders, legs and arms explored.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes in Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)

Please email for full class descriptions, fees and conditions.


For personalised program or specific needs such as choreographic development, please request our Professional Development Program Info Sheet.

Jam with the tribe and share your personal expression, receive feedback from your teacher and commune with your dance sisters.

Each year we present a professional standard full-length show of original choreographic worked developed/taught throughout the year, which our students past and present are invited to be part of.

We provide our students with a range of performance opportunities to develop their performance skills, presence, professionalism in a public setting.

Please email for full class descriptions, fees and conditions.

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