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2018 Summer Training Menu with Entwined


Can’t wait for term 1 to start on Feb 6, join Entwined for a few summer school workshops/drill classes to wet your appetite or hone your technique for the coming year! Tribal bellydance and fusion drills and sweaty summer goodness!

Tue 16 Jan – The Magical Figure 8
The figure of 8 or infinity symbol is at the core of the traditional bellydance taxeem, and also makes up a large part of the foundation of tribal and fusion bellydance. Let’s drill the figure of 8 in all it’s incarnations – taxeem, sidewinders, mayas and more! And really refine that slink factor!

Thu 18 Jan – Undulations & Waves
Let’s find your flow and connect with your inner serpent! In this session, we will explore the possibilities of waves and undulations throughout the body and limbs! Let’s explore and think out of the box!

Tue 23 Jan – The Ecstatic Shimmy
Let’s drill and hone your shimmy baby – all the flavours you can think of and some! Entwined will help open up the possibilities of movement in your body and leave you on a high note!

TERM 1 2018:
Tue 6 Feb – Thu 29 Mar


6.15pm – Drills/Foundations for Tribal Bellydance (beginner friendly)
7.15pm – Tribal Style Improv 1 (beyond beginners)
8.15pm – TSI 2/Jam Class (intermediate-advanced)

6.15pm – Drills/Foundations for Tribal Fusion (beginner friendly)
7.15pm – Tribal Fusion 1 (beyond beginners)
8.15pm – Tribal Fusion 2/Layercake (advanced)


Drills/Foundations for Tribal Bellydance
(beginner friendly and intermediate dancers wanting refinement)
This class will break down classic, foundation and fundamental movements for bellydance and tribal style, with drills and repetitions, technique and stylisation explored.

Tribal Style Improv 1 (beginners and beyond beginners)
This class will focus on slow and slinky movements and combinations for improvised tribal style bellydance. The Entwined format incorporates combinations from traditional American Tribal Style Bellydance, Gypsy Caravan and Red Belly Black formats, as well as our own unique variations.

TSI 2/Jam Class (intermediate-advanced)
This class will be an opportunity for dancers fluent or who have already attended at least 1year of tribal bellydance training with Entwined or another similar format. The class will continue to build on the skills and fluency of regular dancers and further develop performance capabilities for our improv troupe Ghawazi Rose Tribal.

Drills/Foundations for Tribal Fusion
(beginner friendly and intermediate dancers wanting refinement)
This class will break down, drill and explore the fundamental movements of tribal fusion bellydance. What sets us apart – slink, locks, pops, ticks and more! Musculature, technique and stylisation will be explored.

Tribal Fusion 1 (beyond beginners)
This class will be open to dancers who have attended at least 2 terms of tribal basics/foundations with Entwined or have a solid foundation in bellydance or tribal technique. We will be working on and playing with choreographic fragments and combinations for tribal fusion bellydance.

Tribal Fusion 2 (advanced)
This class is for tribal fusion dancers wanting a challenge or with at least 2 years training with Entwined Bellydance. We will be working on layering and advanced techniques and principles, as well as choreography and performance. By invitation or special request only!

All classes located at McNamara St, Preston (near cnr Gilbert Rd / Regent St, Preston – tram stop 20m approx from studio) this term.


Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings via Mill Park studio, as well as some weekends.

For more info, fees or bookings, please contact me here or via!


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