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25075171_355319724931867_9006372275959823610_oAutumn Training Menu with Entwined

TERM 2 – UNTIL JULY 17 (dates vary according to studio)

7.45-9.15pm – Tribal Bellydance
@ Studio B, Cult Dance Studio, Level 2, 2B Staley St, Brunswick (near cnr Blyth and Sydney, Road), Brunswick
(beginner – intermediate)
This new mixed level class will include fun and creative drills, technique and combinations in a tribal and fusion bellydance format. Drawing on traditional Egyptian cabaret and folkloric bellydance, as well as American Tribal Style, this class will fuse other traditional and modern dance elements such as hip hop and classical Indian to create a fun, physical and creative outlet.

8.30-9.30pm – Tribal Bellydance
@ Strut HQ, Allegro Holistic Fitness Studio, Level 1, 14-20 Abbott St, Alphington
(beginner – intermediate)
Learn the fundamentals and foundations of tribal style and tribal fusion an innovative modern bellydance style. Explore and learn the differences between traditional and tribal bellydance style and aesthetics, such as posture, carriage, alignment, movements and techniques. Each class will use yoga/pilates style warm ups to build strength and flexibility in the body necessary to successfully achieve this dance style, and drill fundamental core tribal bellydance movements and classic combinations. Think a classic sidewinder, extreme body wave, full body taxeem, serpentine figure 8’s, and much more! 


6.15pm – Bellydance Foundations & Technique – CASUAL CLASSES AVAILABLE!
(Beginners and beyond)
Learn and drill the core movements of bellydance whatever your approach/style – including undulations all over the body, hip and chest isolations, locks and figure 8’s, basic arm pathways and patterns, footwork and more. This class is designed for the complete beginner and all dancers wanting to refine their technique. Movements will be broken down to train and condition the musculature of the body, and movements will be drilled to allow time for good technique to develop.

7.15pm – Tribal Bellydance Movement & Combinations 1 –  SOLD OUT!!
(Beyond Beginners)
This class will build on your knowledge and capabilities built in foundations/fundamentals, and introduce and explore basic to intermediate movement patterns and combinations in a tribal bellydance format. Combinations will be broken down, drilled and explored in an improvisational and/or choreographic approach throughout the term. Dancers will be introduced to the the concept of dancing as a tribe and in formation.

8.15pm – Tribal Bellydance Movement & Combinations 2
This class will build on the knowledge, skills and capabilities of an intermediate to advanced dancer, working on more complex movements, patterns and combinations which will be drilled and explored in an improvisational and/or choreographic approach throughout the term. Think more complex layering, foot patterns, weaving it all together to challenge your mind and body, and grow your dance!


Available Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings via Mill Park studio, as well as some weekends for $75. If I am travelling to you, then an additional travel expense will be included.

For more info, fees or bookings, please contact me on 0418 700 316, here or via!


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