cropped-border081.jpg…nourish the soul and express the divine!

Entwined Bellydance is the creative project of Laura Entwined, an accomplished Melbourne-based, Queensland-born, tribal bellydance artist, teacher and choreographer.

She has been training and performing since 2006 and teaching successful weekly classes in Melbourne since 2012.

She is a regular and sought after guest teacher and performer at many national music, lifestyle and arts festivals and a popular soloist and troupe director at numerous local bellydance events. She has also travelled interstate and internationally to perform, including Brisbane, Bali, Byron Bay, California and Sydney to name a few.

Laura is also a sought after solo performer, dancing regularly at festivals, clubs and a regular guest performer with DJ/producers Kundalini Project and Chamberlain, live bands Ganga Giri (2011-present) and Sikander, and a member of The Space Cadets with DJ Mickey Space (2016-present).

She has performed alongside numerous international bellydance stars including Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Sharon Kihara, Ashley Lopez, Mat Jacob and Deb Rubin, as well as musicians such as Bashka, Sikander, Babaganoush, Sitar Ace, Cheshire and Griff.

Entwined Bellydance is home to a number of current performance projects:

Laura’s unique and holistic approach has been inspired by extensive studies with the international, national and local pioneers of tribal style such as Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes (Beats Antique), Sharon Kihara, Cera Beyer, Jill Parker, Deb Rubin, Princess Farhana, Colleena Shakti, Kami Liddle, Ashley Lopez, amongst many others; and is sought out for her individual fluid and elegant style.

Laura previously founded collaborative professional dance troupes The Aurora (2008/9) and Black Lotus (2010/11); and was as a long-standing member of Underbelly’s tribal bellydance troupe Red Belly Black (2006-2012).

She has been a devotee to yoga and dance since her early 20’s, and developing as a professional dancer since moving to Melbourne in 2005.

Through her performance art, she hopes to merge the old world with the new, connected creative expression with devoted self-nourishment; the divine slow sensual feminine with the celebratory tribal and folkloric; and sharp pops and locks with serpentine slinks, coiling and goddess temple poses.

Set to a soundtrack of exotic electronic beats and bleeps, Laura’s performances draw on a plethora of dance forms, including American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, Gothic Fusion, Classical Indian, Dancehall and traditional folkloric bellydance. Made from a combination of contemporary and antique adornments, laces, trimmings and fabrics, harking from the Middle East, India and Asia, Laura creates all her own intricately detailed and lovingly hand crafted costumes to perform in.

Laura has over 10 years experience working in the arts, music and entertainment industries in Brisbane and Melbourne, and has worked with children and young people.

She has performed at various events and venues in Melbourne, Bali, Byron Bay, California and Sydney, since 2006 including: Tribal Fest 2011 (California, USA), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2010-present), Peats Ridge Festival, Tribal & Trance Fest, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Yemaya, Renaissance, Come Together etc, and various Melbourne community fundraisers, as well as at Rubix Warehouse, Grace Space, Noise Bar, Thornbury Theatre, La Di Da, Ruby’s/Sooki Lounge, Hi Fi Bar, Playspace, Dante’s, CERES and BMW Edge, amongst many others.


For more info:

Study & Training

Philosophy & Approach

Quotes & Testimonials

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