Study & Training

Study With Entwined

My learnings, influences, teachers and study/trainings:

Classical Indian Dance with Moving Archetypes
Arms & Combos with Olga Meos
Cane 3 Ways Workshop with Rachel Bond
Baladi with Phynia
Shaabi with Zahara
Mahraganat with Emily Farrigua
Khaleegy with Esmeralda
Arabic Language & Gestures Workshop
Arabic Rhythms with Karim Nagi

Zoe Jakes Balancing Choreography Series
Into to Popping Hip Hop Workshop with Megaman
Where Africa Meets the Orient with Amel Tafsout
Floorwork & Sword Dance with Kae Montgomery
Fan Technique Workshop with Ladibi
Baladi with Cinzia
Bellydance Safety & Techniques
Jillina Carlano Indian Fusion Bellydance Choreography Workshop
The Golden Era of Bellyance Workshop with Badriah
Golden Era with Serena Ramzy

YTT 200hr – Summer Healing Yoga -5mnth course
Sabriye Tekbilek Workshops

Bellydance From The Heart Teaching Bellydance Course with Shemiran
Datura Group Improvisation Workshop with Rachel Brice
Bellydance Evolution Workshop with Jrisi
Suhaila 1 Certification Bellydance with Suhaila
Performance Development Workshop with Devi Mamak
Jamila 1 Certification Folkloric Traditional with Suhaila and NZ Bal Anat 50th Anniversary Performance

Mat Jacob (CA / SPA) Contemporary Fusion Intensive & Performance
Deb Rubin (USA) Dance Therapeutics 1 Intensive & Certification

Mardi Love (USA) Fusion Bellydance Intensive & Performance
Unmata Improvised Bellydance Intensive
Gypsy Caravan Workshop Improvised Group Format with Nina Martinez
Rachel Brice (USA) Fusion Bellydance Intensive & Performance

Gypsy Caravan Workshop Improvised Group Format with Nina Martinez
Creative Development Fusion Dance Intensive with Violet Scrap (Italy)

Classical Indian & Indian Fusion Weekend Intensive with Colleena Shakti (USA/India)
ATS Level 1/2 Intensive with Devi Mamak (Ghawazi Caravan)
Kaeshi Chai Fusion Bellydance Intensive (drum solo & performance/stage development)
Ashley Lopez (Datura/USA) Fusion Bellydance Intensive & Performance
Tribal ATS Weekend Intensive

Sabine (USA) Weekend Intensive Improv Tribal and Sword
Nerissa Weekend Intensive Turkish Romany & Classical Egyptian
Princess Farhana Bellydance Weekend Intensive (USA)

Zoe Jakes Fusion Bellydance Workshop Intensive (USA)
Rachel Brice Fusion Bellydance Choreography Workshops (USA)
Mardi Love Fusion Bellydance Workshop Intensives & Choreography (USA)
Suhaila Salimpour Folkloric Fusion Workshop (Intro to Jamila Format/USA)
Samantha Hasthorpe/Emmanuel Contemporary Fusion Workshop Intensive / Choreographic Development (USA)
Jill Parker Folkloric Fusion Classes (USA)
Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance Classes Bellydance (USA)
Colleena Shakti, Classical Indian Odissi Weekend Intensive (USA)
Cera Byer, Contemporary Fusion Bellydance Classes (USA)
Fat Chance Bellydance, Level 1 ATS Classes (USA)
Kami Liddle, Fusion Bellydance Classes (USA)
Ariellah Gothic Fusion Choreography & Drills Class (USA)
Cera Byer Contemporary Fusion Easter Performance & Intensive

Folkloric Fusion with Jill Parker Workshop Intensive
Tribaret/Tribal Fusion Weekly Classes with Giselle Sibyl
Tribal Skirt Workshop with Acushla
Odissi Fusion Workshop with Devi Mamak & April Entrich
Turkish/Romany Intensive with Elizabeth Strong (USA)
Industrial Bellydance Workshop with Aradia
Tribal Fusion Week Long Intensive & Performance with Deb Rubin & Sharon Kihara
Gothic Fusion Weekend Intensive & Performance with Sashi

Raqs Gothique Fusion weekly classes with Ma’isah
Classical Indian & Indian Fusion weekly classes with Kajal
Indian Fusion Intensive with Devi Mamak

2006, 2008 & 2009
Rachel Brice Tribal Fusion Weekend & Week Long Intensives x 3

Jamaican Dancehall Weekly Classes with Claudia Sangiorgio

Paulette Denis-Rees/Gypsy Caravan Improvised Group Format Weekend Intensive

Egyptian, Greek Turkish Style Bellydance Classes with Andrea Makris, Underbelly

2005 – 2012
Tribaret/Tribal Fusion/ATS/ITS/Red Belly Black/Classical Egyptian classes with Melusina

2001 – present
Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga (various)

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