Quotes & Testimonials

“You have a spark on stage! And the work you produce is of high quality.” Suhaila Salimpour, Salimpour International School

“I am so proud of the tribal fusion dancer you have become since meeting you all those years ago…” Deb Rubin, Dance Therapeutics

“You are a great dancer. Keep up the good work!” Zoe Jakes, Beats Antique/House of Tarot/The Indigo

“Entwined Bellydance performed one of the most innovative and interesting sequences of belly dance I have seen in many years when they absolutely nailed the choreography and music to a track called ‘Chocolate Elvis’. It stopped me in my tracks and I was delighted and totally engaged. Thank you to the choreography of Laura Entwined that provided that moment for me.” Matthew Hills, Director/Agent, Urban Cirque

“I have personally contracted Laura’s performances on multiple occasions. Laura brings an outstanding calibre of creativity and technical proficiency… and her work and performances are received with great acclaim…. Laura and the Entwined company perform an excellent and well received bellydance act alongside highly regarded professional performers in the dance and circus industry… I know Laura to be a committed, creative and knowledgeable dancer in the field of Tribal Fusion Bellydance. She often pushes the boundaries of the art, takes risks with creative ideas and executes clear vision. I can confirm that she is a dedicated, experienced, generous teacher and has been working solidly for several years in this industry. On the many occasions I have worked with Laura she has acted in a highly
professional, organized and amicably warm manner.” Brigid Morgan, The Gilded Mask

“Laura created the perfect atmosphere, ritual and mood for such an important day of my life. We met a few weeks earlier to choose some scents that resonated with me, which she then blended for the ritual. On the day, she was calm, collected and grounded amongst the hectic energy of an Indian pre-wedding household. She even brought a beautiful crown that I could wear on the day during the ceremony, made me feel like a gypsy princess 😀  Laura conveyed the significance of this ritual to my tribe of women, who all thoroughly enjoyed the dance workshop and learnt some dance moves to boot! Always articulate, nurturing and giving, Laura made my blessing ceremony so memorable and filled with feminine joy. I cannot thank Laura enough for all her energy, wisdom and guidance. Thank you for being part of my special day! Sanjukta, Bride-To-Be, Bridal Blessing

“Laura is a dedicated student of Tribal and Fusion style Belly Dance and has been learning under my tuition for many years. She is an enthusiastic student and has proven a high level of competence in the dance form.” Melusina, Director, Navel Gazers Belly Dance /Red Belly Black Troupe

“You’re the full package!” Audience Member, Peats Ridge Festival

“I loved attending Laura’s Tribal Style workshops. I love the yoga sequence she used to begin the classes and found it really calmed me down and centred me, ready to dance. I found the class inspiring and fun.” Jedda, Red Earth Ghawazee

“You’ve been such a key member of the community in Melbourne and contributed so much. Keep breaking the mold.” Coral Dawn, Sub Genre

“I loved the class. Completely loved it. You have an awesome and inspiring way of teaching. Sooooo looking forward to dancing my soul out on Saturday. XXXX” Juliet G

“I’ve been looking for a tribal belly dancing class for sometime, and was ecstatic when I realised there was one in Greensborough and signed up at first opportunity. And what a wonderful experience it has been. Laura’s teaching is professional and nurturing and it is evident that she has a great understanding of her craft. She is supportive and encouraging of my practice, and imbues me with confidence as I strive to learn the different moves and sequences. Importantly, the classes are fun and relaxed. I like the yoga practice as a warm up/cool down and connecting tool and leave feeling centred, happy and inspired by expressions of creative output.” Fiona, Student

“…such healthy and positive energy… I left with such happy vibes!” Kassandra L, Student

“I love the way you look after my back!” Caitlyn, Student

Thankyou for sharing your passion and wisdom, you changed my life and I’m so very grateful for that!!!!” Honeybea, Student 

“You’ve been a great teacher and have given me skills, confidence and support to dance with cymbals it’s not easy but it’s rewarding!” Annette Appere, Student

“I love the way you always look after my body and warm me up properly…” Cat, Student

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