Term 3 – Winter Series Announced

64648701_10156310307147423_4069445267730989056_o.jpgTraditional, Tribal & Fusion Bellydance Training – Brunswick, Melbourne

Monday 1 July – Wednesday 18 September (12weeks)

Part 1: Monday 1 July – Wednesday 7 August (6weeks)
Part 2: Monday 12 August – Wednesday 18 September(6weeks)


7pm – Conditioning for Bellydance
Build your musculature, flexibility and articulation through conditioning exercises for bellydance inspired by classical dance, pilates and yoga. Laura has completed Dance Therapeutics 1, and is currently completing her Yoga Teacher Training after 20 years yogi experience.

7.30pm – Bellydance Essentials & Drills
We will break down the key isolations and foundation movements of bellydance for you, drill them with you to consolidate into the body, and where relevant, add them to the basic foot and arm patterns, timing and musicality used in bellydance. We will focus on and explain safe dance posture and technique and how this relates to each movement. Laura has over 15years of bellydance experience including Jamila L1 and Suhaila L1 Certifications, amongst numerous other specialist workshops including Romany, Flamenco, Classical Indian, Cabaret, Fusion, Tribal Style, folkloric and much more.

8.30pm – Tribal & Fusion Bellydance Movement, Combinations & Choreography
In this class we will be weave together the key movements, foot patterns and combinations in tribal and fusion style bellydance into a choreography suitable for continuing beginners or beginners wanting a challenge. These choreographies form the basis of potential performance opportunities throughout the year, including our End of Year Showcase on December 15. Laura has completed numerous studies over the past 15years with the leaders and pioneers in the tribal and fusion field such as Jill Parker, Rachel Brice, Deb Rubin, Mardi Love, Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle and Princess Farhana.


7.30pm – Tribal Bellydance Essentials
In this class we will be learning the key movements of tribal bellydance, which integrates traditional and classic bellydance movements into fun movement combinations. Tribal bellydance is one of the pillars of tribal fusion bellydance, so this class is recommended for beginners or continuing beginners wishing to learn the foundations and explore this new dance style. This class is great for anyone less focused on technique who wants to dance and jam it all together in a fun class environment. Finger cymbals are optional for those who want to challenge themselves. Laura has completed American Tribal Style General Skills (Level 1/2), Unmata L1, various Gypsy Caravan and L3/4 ATS workshops and has 6 years experience dancing in Underbelly’s tribal bellydance troupe Red Belly Black.

8.30pm – Tribal & Fusion Choreography, Combinations & Movement
This class moves beyond the basics of bellydance and tribal and fusion bellydance weaving and layering the components together in a move complex manner. Weave together feet, isolations and arms and really start to embody this incredible artful dance form! These choreographies form the basis of potential performance opportunities throughout the year, including our End of Year Showcase on December 15. Laura has over 15years of study, 5years of teaching, 6years dancing in a student dance troupe, 2years experience dancing in a semi-professional dance troupe and 9years experience dancing professionally as a soloist and troupe leader to draw on.