Upcoming Brisbane Workshop

Join us for a yummy mid term winter Sunday afternoon tribal bellydance session.

Laura Entwined returns to hometown Brisbane will share some of her fave pre-dance yoga and body conditioning drills, plus explore and share combinations from the Entwined Bellydance tribal fusion and improvised tribal style format. Expect pops, locks and slinky transitions to inspire or add to your own dance or choreography.

The workshop will include:
– a strategic yoga strengthening and flexibility practice to warm and cool down the body before/after dance,
– body conditioning drills to connect with the deep musculature of the body necessary to successfully and cleanly articulate tribal fusion isolations
– drills and methods for layering up the body with foot pattern, bellydance isolation, arm pattern (and/or zils),
– combinations/sequences of tribal fusion movement vocabulary which play on musicality and timing which can be adapted to suit different choreography/music. Some combinations can also be utilised for an improvised tribal style format.

To RSVP or book head to: Facebook c or email laura entwined 77 @ gmail . com