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Entwined Bellydance and Sunshine Coast Bellydance presents

JULY 2022
2 weekends, 5 workshops
Creative Development & Technique Training

Join me for a series of specialist bellydance and fusion bellydance workshops honing technique, choreographic / creative development skills.

Serpentine Bellydance Workshop Brisbane

@ THE DANCE WORKS, 19 Burke Street, Woolloongabba/Brisbane
$40 EarlyBird until July 1 / $50 thereafter / $60 on the day (cash only)

A 3hr intensive focusing on keystones of the Serpentine Bellydance family!

Movements synonymous with this family include circles, spirals, figure 8s/infinity symbols, undulations, waves and more!

These movements form a major part of all bellydance, from a traditional taqsim improvisation to modern fusion style!
The workshop will include body conditioning/pilates, yoga stretch/dance movement medicine cooldown, plus 90 plus mins of slow serpentine bellydance content.

This workshop will develop skills, technique and understanding.

The conditioning/cooldown will allow you to dive deep into your body and more embody the serpentine energy in your dance.

We will breakdown a few key serpentine isolations for you, drill them, and put together in a unique combination for you to take home and utilise in your own creations.

This workshop is for all levels.

For teachers, this workshop will expand your repertoire of basic bellydance movements, for beginners, you will experience the foundations, for intermediate/advanced dancers you will deepen your dance practice, polish and refine and find inspiration and exploration for your next steps in dance.

TO BOOK, PLEASE EMAIL entwinedbellydance @ gmail.com (please remove the space)


A Fusion Bellydance Weekend with Entwined Presented by Bellydance Sunshine Coast

DAY 1: Sat 16th July

Workshop 1:
Yoga/Pilates – Bellydance Body Conditioning 1hr
Stretch, strengthen, tone and condition the body for bellydance! We provide specific exercises to hone the key musculature of the body involved in unlocking strong and sinuous, refined and isolated, bellydance movement vocabulary. Key areas of focus include: glutes for punchy hip work, core for sinuous undulations, the lateral body for serpentine sidewinders, and arm conditioning for grace.

Workshop 2:
Fusion Bellydance Drills & Technique 1.5hrs

Let’s break down and drill some of the key components of fusion bellydance techniques and combinations, including glute shimmies/hip locks, serpentine sidewinders and sidewaves, and endless undulations. We will identify the key muscles involved in articulating each movement with clarity and precision and guide you to polish and refine your movement through movement drills.

DAY 2: Sun 17th July

Workshop 1:
Dance Therapeutics/Stretch/Movement Medicine 1hr

Add some movement medicine to your Sunday. Dive deep into your body, listen, speak, unwind, renew, restore. Let’s unlock the old stories and make way for the new, making space to build the grand architecture of your internal sacred geometry. This class provided a gateway to explore the divine feminine tantric yoga path so you can more deeply embody your dance.

Workshop 2:
Fusion Bellydance Choreography 2hrs
Fusion Bellydance is a modern form of dance integrating the ancient art of Middle Eastern dance with other dance/movement dialects such as Classical Indian, hip hop/dancehall, contemporary and more. In this class you will learn how to apply classical bellydance movements to a modern dance track, and integrate a theatrical fusion dance aesthetic which you can take home or apply to your own fusion dance creation.


You can attend both days or just the one day with the costs below:
Singular Day: $40.00
Both Days: $70.00 ($10 discount)

Please contact 0413 128 944 or message Bel at Bellydance Sunshine Coast if you would like to secure a spot!