Philosophy & Approach

“This dance belongs to everyone!” (Rachel Brice)

Laura’s approach to teaching and performing draws on 15+ years of yoga practice, 8+ years of oriental bellydance and tribal style world dance training, as well as other experience in Classical Indian Fusion, Jamaican Dancehall, Turkish Rom dance and other folkloric dance forms.

Entwined Bellydance classes aim to empower and connect local like-minded women through the transformative power and inspirational art of tribal style bellydance.

Her classes explore yoga technique, breathing and asanas; traditional Classical Indian / yoga spirituality; oriental/bellydance spirituality and philosophy; tribal style world dance techniques including American Tribal Style, ITS formats such as Red Belly Black and Gypsy Caravan; and tribal fusion technique and training (Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes; and strengthening, flexibility and fitness drills and techniques. Dance history and lineage is also touched on and honoured within the sharing practice.

Classes and workshops are safe and supportive for women of diverse ages, body types, abilities, cultural backgrounds and experiences.

They honour the unique journey of each individual dancer and the mental, spiritual, physical doors the dance unlocks and unearths, as we move, connect and dance through the chakras.

For dedicated dancers, there will be supportive and nurturing opportunities for troupe choreographic development and community performances.

Laura approach also draws on 13+ years experience working on a professional level in community arts / cultural development / music.

Tribal is like a secret language for bellydancers, a way for people from different places around the world to connect, dance and share.

Tribal is a modern alternative style of belly dance originating in California. Often improvised in a group format through previously arranged cues, tribal fuses folkloric dance from the Middle East, India, Africa, Spain, Asia and more.

Classes will draw inspiration from the originators of the style, pioneering improvised tribal style groups and current contemporary tribal fusion dancers.

Classes encompass learning and drilling core bellydance movements and applying these to various tribal style combinations. Variations and layering options available for more intermediate dancers.

Connect and embody your divine sensuous soul. Get fit, tone your body and just dance and enjoy!

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