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Inspired by her grandmother and sister, both practicing yogis, Laura first practiced yoga and meditation in her early ’20’s at gyms and community centres around Brisbane. After discovering tribal bellydance in her late ’20’s in Melbourne, yoga became a fundamental part of her devotional practice, training and approach. Yoga provided a complimentary method to hone the musculature and flexibility of the body to articulate the strong serpentine flow and embody the earthy groundedness and grace of belly dance.
She worked 1 on 1 with her sister, a certified yoga teacher and therapist over a number of years on personal programs to reverse the effects of lower back pain caused by hip misalignment and mild scoliosis.
15 years on, and after 6 years of teaching successful weekly bellydance classes around Melbourne, utilising the tools and techniques of yoga as a foundation for safe dance practice, Laura has put her devotion for yoga into action and completed the Summer Healing 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification so she can share the benefits more widely with others.
Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga has been part of her personal daily practice for over 15 years, and has transformed her spine, posture, mind, body and spirit.
She is inspired by the ancient spirituality and focus on breath of yoga with modern anatomy and alignment, and how this can be integrated to provide a practice for overall well being in our modern day urban lives.
She is passionate, inspired and appreciative to have the ability and opportunity to share the science, art and benefits of the incredible transformational practice of yoga.
Current Classes:
Tuesdays 7-8.30pm AEST live on zoom (message us for details/login)
Previous Teaching Experience:
Grasshopper Yoga
Summer Healing Yoga
The Collective Yoga & Myotherapy
Cobury Oesteopathy
Burning Seed Festival 2019
Next Level Studio