The Svadisthana Project

The Svadisthana Project is home to Laura Entwined’s sacred bellydance or temple fusion bellydance project.

IMG_2732 (1).JPGThe second or sacral chakra, or Svadisthana chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘sweetness’ or ‘my own sweet abode’.

Svadisthana is symbolised by a black lotus with six vermillion-coloured petals containing a white crescent moon to represent the element of water in the body.

Situated in the pelvic region, hips and lower back, it is where our emotions reside and new ideas, life and creativity are birthed. When in balance, it resonates union and connection, flexibility in body and mind, creative power and our ability to be free.

Drawing inspiration from the idea of the body as a temple for freedom of expression and creativity, and dance as an expression of this divinity, The Svadisthana Project is Laura Entwined’s new bellydance collaborative project.

The Svadisthana Project has featured at:

  • Rainbow Serpent Festival
  • Assuit & Tie (sellout event)
  • La Danse Orientale
  • OV Makers Market
  • Tribal Dreams
  • OMEDA spring hafla