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Conditioning, Pilates & Yogalates

A fusion of pilates/yoga/dance conditioning, flexibility and strength training, particularly focusing on the core, shoulder girdle, hips, hamstrings and posture muscles.

Foundations/Fundamentals of Bellydance

This weekly drills class focuses on traditional and modern fusion style bellydance isolations as well as classic ways they are used or applied in middle eastern dance/bellydance. This class is to set strong foundations for beginners and all levels wanting to refine and expand technique and repertoire. We breakdown and drill key bellydance isolations and then put them together in classic and new combinations for you to put your new or refined skills into practice. This class is suitable for complete beginners or intermediate dancers honing and refining technique

SoulFlow Yoga

The class provides a balancing, integrative, holistic and soulful yoga practice integrating the science and spirituality of yoga – Yoga Asana, Meditation and Pranayama exercises to enhance your wellbeing in today’s evolving world.
Awaken the five layers or sheaths of the Atman/soul through pranayama/breathwork, meditation and yoga asana practices. Each class will have a key focus which aligns with our physical or spiritual goals for that week. For instance each week will cover a focus topic such as Inversions, Backbends, Forward Folds, Balancing, Hip or Shoulder Opening. Beginner to Intermediate.

Choreography – Modern Fusion Bellydance with Props

This class moves beyond the basics of traditional, tribal and fusion bellydance weaving and layering the components together in a more complex manner and adding props. Weave together feet, isolations and arms and really start to embody this incredible artful dance form – plus add props for the extra challenge! Students will have the opportunity to perform this choreography at our next Showcase, and potentially at other events once Covid-19 Restrictions on events ease. Please note, a bellydance sword will be this series prop.

Travelling Bellydance & Combinations

This series will continue to expand on your travelling bellydance and combination movement vocabulary. Whilst this class is suitable for complete beginners, it is aimed at continuing beginners and intermediate dancers building their repertoire and vocabulary. This series will hand-pick movements used in traditional, tribal world style and transnational fusion bellydance formats. We will break down the key isolations and footwork and drill them with you to consolidate into the body, as well as explain timing and musicality and how this relates to each movement. This class will move at a fast pace with more complex variations of movements, and understanding and articulations of the foundation movements an advantage.

Choreography – Modern Fusion Bellydance

Weave your learnings together in unique tapestry of dance movements, steps and isolations dancing the archetypes of women the Entwined Bellydance way. Laura’s inspirations are many and varied, from contemporary fusion bellydance, to classical Indian-inspired temple fusion, to hip hop/dance-hall fused Balkan gypsy romps and folkloric ghawazi or Egyptian cabaret. Surrender to the artistic journey, explore new ways of moving, uncover deep emotions and unlock feelings within you. Please note, this class is recommended for people with 2 x terms of bellydance foundations with Entwined, a background in dance or previous movement studies before undertaking. Students will have the opportunity to perform this choreography at our next Showcase, and potentially at other events once Covid-19 Restrictions on events ease.

Serpentine Movement Alchemy

Each class opens with a circle/chat/ discussion to set the mood of the practice. Through this journey you will build a deeper movement/creative dance practice, artistic/spiritual inspiration, improvisational skills and unwind and restore the body. Laura will facilitate dancers to explore and delve into their own practice and musculature more deeply, playing with the energies, emotions and archetypes of woman and how this relates to bellydance. The class will include somatics, yoga, bellydance movement vocabulary and sacred dance alchemy.



Entwined Bellydance online classes are great! Laura Entwined displays each dance move at multiple angles so you can get a clear idea of how to perform each dance move yourself. Her instructions are clear and she has a lot of valuable content with her 15 years of knowledge and experience. You can ask questions via chat, voice or video options and she is more than happy to adapt her teaching to be able to help you as she is a true professional in this field. I enjoy attending her classes very much and I think you will too.”


“Highly recommend if you’re looking for fun ways to stay fit and grounded.
The online classes are a great way of feeling connected during isolation. Plenty of time to ask questions during and after class.”


“I really recommend taking classes with Laura Entwined, I’m very new to belly dance and from day 1 Laura has made very easy to understand and follow all the belly dance movements one step at a time. I thought I wasn’t able to practice belly, but her style of teaching has been great for me because it feels achievable and fun which keeps me motivated every week to see my progress. I’m in term 2 online, and I feel the same good energy and dedication than in the studio.”


“I’ve done one term with Laura and i’m loving it so far! Laura is an excellent bellydance teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her craft. I feel very supported and encouraged as a beginner. Laura provides options for all skill levels, and individual feedback. Posture and movement with proper body alignment is a high priority (so you don’t get injured). Classes have soul and are fun with great music.”


“Laura’s passion, skill and dedication to her craft are apparent from the moment you set foot in one of her Entwined Bellydance classes. As a beginner to the tribal fusion style, I look forward to each week’s class knowing I’m going to learn and drill techniques Laura has perfected over more than a decade! I also value her approach to warm up and cool down routines which combine yoga, pilates and dance conditioning exercises.”


“I first saw Laura and Entwined perform at Strawberry Fields festival last year. I spoke to one of the dancers after their set and was inspired to try out belly dancing. I had no real experience in dance but I signed up for the Entwined Summer School and gained an introduction to the foundations of belly dancing and loved it. Along with these dance principles, the classes had a focus on yoga and strengthening which was applied each class to what we were about to learn. For example we would do core strengthening yoga exercises when learning core isolation moves in class. Taking the leap into these classes was significant for me because I’ve been interested in pursuing dance for many years but didn’t have the confidence or perceived skill to do it. I entered as a total beginner but have always felt like I was capable of working towards and performing at the level of the more experienced dancers in the class.”

Let me help you flourish and grow.