Ghawazi Rose Tribal

12800147_1138843622792363_5626632821033730748_nGhawazi Rose Tribal is home of the Entwined Bellydance American Tribal Style and improvised tribal style bellydance troupe.

The troupe trains at weekly classes and rehearsals as part of the Entwined Bellydance training program, which includes weekly classes in Melbourne’s north.

American Tribal Style/Improvised Tribal Style is a modern form of bellydance drawing on traditional bellydance, classical Indian and flamenco originating in San Francisco, Califormia in the ’80s, which utilises a series of intuitive, verbal or physical gestures¬†and cues to dictate dance movements and combinations. The dance is traditionally danced in duet, trio or troupe format with a lead and follow structure.

The Entwined Bellydance approach utilises both traditional and modern music, and fuses a number of formats and approaches as well as her own movements/combinations such as:

  • Fat Chance Bellydance / American Tribal Style – Laura has completed level 1 and 2 in the format
  • Gypsy Caravan / Collective Soul
  • Red Belly Black – Laura has completed 6 years study in this format which draws on ATS, Gypsy Caravan

Laura is currently studying Amy Sigil’s Unmata format and has completed level 1.

Ghawazi Rose Tribal highlight performances:

  • OMEDA Spring Hafla
  • Whittlesea Community Festival