Sacred Bellydance

Erin_Pimm_Photography_Laura_Entwined-4Your body is a temple, your dance an expression of the divine!

Dance is synonymous with worship and prayer in the ancient world. As religions and cultures turned to a patriarchal focus, women and dance were banished from the temple to dance on streets as gypsy dancers, in the safety of their own homes as women’s circles and rituals or became a voyeuristic form of dance for the pleasure of men. This has distorted the true meaning and importance of dance, and bellydance particularly. Also known as dance of the abdomen ā€“ for fertility and overall tribal benefits, bellydance draws on the navel/sacral chakra as the centre of the body and soul, as in many cultural traditions from Asia to the Middle East and India.

Sacred Bellydance will empower women to take control of their bodies, celebrate their innate divinity and power to transform not only their own body, mind and soul through dance but also create a wave of love, compassion, abundance and positively throughout their whole lives and everything they come into contact with.

Every body holds the divine within them. Entwined will help facilitate you to transcribe and connect with your own sacred text and provide tools for a translation through your own body and draw the sacred geometry of your own body temple by connecting through a moving mediation of bellydance.

Each session will explore and focus on a particular geometrical sacred pattern moving through, around and within the body and the spiritual and emotional effects this has on the body, mind and spirit ā€“ such as circles, spirals, diamonds, squares, infinity symbols/figure 8s, waves and vibrations and explored within phrases and combinations.

Each workshop will include a time to set intention, a yoga warm-up and cool-down and mediation to finish. This allows time to still the mind, focus inwards, stretch and warm the body and connect and integrate the mind and body on a spiritual level. Each workshop will also include dedicated time for individual and/or group jamming/improvisation and experimentation for development of individual dance practice.